Bellua – Scent of Africa – EDP – 50ml


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Bellua – an aquatic fruity floral perfume for an ode to tropical nature.

Bellua is a creation of Scent of Africa – the first brand of luxury perfumes made locally in Ghana using African ingredients to shine a spotlight on Ghanaian ingenuity around the world.

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    Bellua has the charm of a thirst-quenching summer cocktail infused with natural tropical notes, like a colourful vital essence running through plants.

    First comes a touch of passion fruit, then Madagascan tagetes which is reminiscent of green apple finished with bergamot that makes your mouth water. A touch of Madagascan ginger creates an invigorating zingy touch.

    The centerpiece then comes forth with a quartet of exceptional corollas frangipani flowers with zesty, solar evocations, ylang ylang from Madagascar, jasmine from Egypt and magnolia which brings on superlatively feminine sensations. Amber and musk provide the base for impeccable hold, draped in white cedar, like rising slowly from a sensual, divine and majestic bath.

    Bellua grows out of the god Bele Alua, the tree guardian as she is called in Ghana. We know now more than ever how vitally important trees are on Earth. They are what enables life to exist, because it’s in their nurturing shadow that life grows again. Mirroring this, Bellua is welcoming, a luxuriant plant divinity who exudes delight and harmony.

    The Bellua woman is smiling and generous, known for her optimism. She is natural, radiates beauty and is enticingly seductive. She brings luck. From then on, her destiny is drawn out in a trail blessed by the forest fairies.

    She is a woman who does good around her and in return is favoured by the gods. From roots to leaves, Bellua knows where she comes from and knows where her heart is leading her.

    Family: Aquatic, Fruity, Floral

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