Bika Yellow – Handmade Raffia Bag


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Unveiling the essence of style – the Bika Yellow raffia bag from AAKS. Handcrafted in Ghana, this compact masterpiece (H 13cm x W 21cm) captures the spirit of the season with its woven raffia allure. Whether draped crossbody or on your shoulder, the adjustable 130cm strap ensures a comfortable fit. From holding your lip-gloss to elegantly securing your essentials, this bag is a true fusion of fashion and tradition. Join us on a journey where every thread tells a story, and every carry becomes a statement.

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    Introducing the Bika Yellow Raffia Bag – a dazzling addition to our bags collection, tailored for true style seekers. Crafted with impeccable detail, this micro-sized masterpiece is designed to turn heads with its striking color combo and ingenious features.

    At a petite H 13cm x W 21cm, the Bika Yellow bag proves that good things come in small sizes. The woven raffia exterior radiates a unique charm, while the 100% leather strap adds a touch of luxury that complements the vibrant color palette. The flap opening, secured with a leather strap, ensures your belongings are safely stowed away in style.

    Step inside to discover the thoughtfully lined linen interior, an exquisite touch that elevates the bag’s aesthetics and durability. The inner pocket adds a practical edge, allowing you to effortlessly organize your essentials. Whether you wear it as a chic crossbody or drape it over your shoulder, the adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit, with a generous handle drop of 130cm.

    Imagine pairing the Bika Yellow with your favorite minimalist ensemble. This bag doesn’t just accessorize; it transforms your look into a statement of style and sophistication. From holding your lip-gloss to elegantly securing your everyday belongings, it’s your petite haven for all things essential.

    Elegantly handcrafted in Ghana, the Bika Yellow raffia bag captures the essence of artisanal skill and cultural authenticity. It’s more than a bag; it’s a wearable work of art, a fusion of fashion and tradition that adds a burst of vibrancy to your every outfit.


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