Hana Mini Tan – Handmade Orange Raffia Bag


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Elevate your summer style with the ‘Hana Mini Tan’ bag – a playful addition to any outfit. Crafted with woven raffia allure and side fringe charm, it’s H 15cm x W 22cm of pure delight. Swing it as a crossbody or flaunt it on your shoulder – the 130cm leather handle drop ensures chic comfort. Drawstring closure keeps treasures safe while adding allure. Handcrafted in Ghana, it’s more than a bag – it’s a celebration of tradition and a statement of chic flair.

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    Step into a world of vibrant style with our ‘Hana Mini Tan’ bag – an enchanting tribute to perfect playful bag. Infused with a striking patterned look and adorned with playful side fringe detailing, this compact wonder captures the essence of the season in every thread.

    Measuring H 15cm x W 22cm, the ‘Hana Mini Tan’ is a bold statement of style. Its woven raffia exterior intertwines tradition with a contemporary flair, while the 100% leather handle adds a touch of luxury to your everyday ensemble. The handle drop of 130cm ensures a comfortable fit, whether you choose to wear it on your shoulder or flaunt it crossbody for that extra dash of artisanal charm.

    Unveil the linen-lined interior, where meticulous craftsmanship meets practicality. An inner pocket elevates organization, making it a breeze to keep your essentials in order. The drawstring closure adds a delightful touch to the bag’s design, keeping your treasures secure while enhancing its visual appeal.

    Pair the ‘Hana Mini Tan’ with your favorite summer attire – slip into sandals and drape on a cover-up dress for an effortlessly chic look that turns heads. Every swing of the fringe, every glimmer of the woven raffia, tells a story of craftsmanship and creativity.

    Handcrafted in Ghana, this bag is more than an accessory; it’s a testament to tradition, a celebration of culture, and a nod to the carefree spirit of summer. Join us in embracing the journey of style and substance with the ‘Hana Mini Tan’ bag.


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