Kakena – Handmade Brass and Horn Earrings


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Experience the joy of our “Kakena” brass and horn earrings. Handmade in Nairobi, Kenya, these earrings are a tribute to happiness and craftsmanship. They strike the perfect balance between statement and versatility. Embrace the spirit of joy with these exquisite earrings – order your pair today.

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    Introducing our “Kakena” brass and horn earrings, a delightful expression of joy and craftsmanship. Handmade in Nairobi, Kenya, these earrings capture the essence of happiness with their elegant design and meaningful name. “Kakena,” translating to “happy one” in Swahili, embodies the spirit of positivity and celebration.

    Crafted from high-quality brass and horn, these earrings showcase a blend of materials that adds both texture and visual interest. With a length of 4 cm and a width of up to 4 cm, the “Kakena” earrings strike a perfect balance between statement and versatility.

    The intricate combination of brass and horn reflects the skill and dedication of Kenyan artisans. To ensure your “Kakena” earrings retain their charm, follow these care instructions:

    • Keep the earrings away from excessive moisture or water to protect the horn and brass.
    • Store your earrings in a dry, clean place, away from direct sunlight and other jewelry to prevent scratches or damage.
    • Gently clean the earrings with a soft cloth, avoiding abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that might affect the brass or horn.

    Celebrate the joyous spirit of the “Kakena” earrings, an embodiment of happiness and skillful artistry. Whether you’re looking to elevate your everyday style or make a vibrant statement, these earrings are designed to bring a touch of happiness to your ensemble.

    Weight50 g
    Dimensions18 × 12 × 5 cm


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