Pichulik – Sacred Knot Black Bracelet


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Drawing on the organic quality of rope in its purest form, the Sacred Knot is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things. It is a reminder of a basic law of the universe: that each thing has its partner and its opposite. This simple but powerful symbol will remind you to treasure your sacred bonds, but also to look for opportunity in contrasts.

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    Introducing the Pichulik Sacred Knot Bracelet, a symbolic expression of the profound interconnectedness inherent in all things. Drawing inspiration from the organic quality of pure rope, the Sacred Knot serves as a reminder of the fundamental law of the universe—that every entity possesses both a partner and an opposite. This simple yet powerful symbol encourages you to cherish your sacred bonds while recognizing the opportunities that arise from contrasts.


    Crafted with care, the bracelet features braided rope adorned with brass caps, creating an elegant and adjustable piece. This innovative and sculptural use of locally produced and re-purposed rope not only adds a unique touch to your ensemble but also aligns with sustainable craftsmanship. The adjustable design allows for a comfortable fit, adapting to your wrist size effortlessly.


    • Weight: 22g
    • Adjustable sizing for a customized fit

    Pichulik’s Signature Collection showcases the Sacred Knot Bracelet as part of a carefully curated selection of statement jewelry. Each piece within this collection tells a unique story, exploring various embellishment styles, symbolic use of stones and colors, all centered around the foundational material of rope. Through intricate beading, wrapping, collaging with semi-precious stones, and layering, these creations form talismanic sculptural forms that are as meaningful as they are visually striking.


    Pichulik is a handmade, symbolic jewellery and accessories Atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rooted in Africa, and inspired by ancient traditions and cultures around the world, PICHULIK seeks to impart sacred feminine wisdom through its unique and intentional designs.

    Adorn yourself with the Sacred Knot Bracelet—a timeless symbol that beautifully merges artistry, symbolism, and a commitment to sustainable, locally-sourced materials.


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