Baba Berry – Handmade Large Raffia Bag


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Elevate your style with the ‘Baba Berry’ large raffia bag – the oversized trend meets traditional allure. H 29cm x W 50cm of pure statement, woven raffia meets leather finesse. The luxe blend of linen and cotton lining cradles your essentials, while the drawstring closure adds charm to security. Wear it over your shoulder with a 20cm strap drop. From grand getaways to productive days, this bag is your fusion of art and tradition, handcrafted in Ghana.

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    Step into the spotlight of this season’s oversized trend with our magnificent ‘Baba Berry’ large raffia bag in such a vibrant colour palette. Embrace the artistry of traditional techniques as this durable masterpiece comes to life in an awe-inspiring silhouette that effortlessly drapes over your shoulder.

    Measuring an impressive H 29cm x W 50cm, the ‘Baba Berry’ bag is a testament to the marriage of form and function. Crafted from robust raffia and adorned with exquisite leather detailing, it speaks volumes about the harmony of nature and craftsmanship. The 20cm strap drop offers both comfort and style, allowing you to wear it with ease.

    Unveil the treasure within – a spacious haven lined with a luxurious blend of linen and cotton. An inner pocket adds a touch of practicality, keeping your essentials organized in the midst of grandeur. As you cinch the drawstring closure, a sense of security and sophistication envelopes your belongings.

    From beachside vacations to bustling workdays, the ‘Baba Berry’ bag effortlessly transitions to suit your every need. Tie it at the top, and you’re ready to embark on your next adventure, adorned with a piece of wearable art.

    Handcrafted in Ghana, the ‘Baba Berry’ large raffia bag transcends mere accessory status. It’s a celebration of tradition, a nod to contemporary fashion, and a bridge between cultures. Elevate your style with a creation that whispers tales of craftsmanship and echoes the heart of Ghanaian heritage.


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