Bézi – Scent of Africa – EDP – 50ml


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Bézi – the salty-tanged freshness of intense, deep water in a woody marine fragrance.

Bézi is a creation of Scent of Africa – the first brand of luxury perfumes made locally in Ghana using African ingredients to shine a spotlight on Ghanaian ingenuity around the world.

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    Bézi winds his way through different accents like the river that absorbs the elements it flows over from the high plateau of Zambia to its estuary.

    First, he blasts clean and cool citrus freshness, contrasted by feisty black pepper from Madagascar. He then takes on hues of blue lavender and Egyptian geranium, two materials that are traditionally masculine in the perfumer’s palette.

    His woodier base with an abundance of patchouli also evokes sandalwood and envelops sacred Somali incense

    The god Nyami Nyami, spirit of the Zambezi river, is the origin of this fragrance. He is the most powerful god among all the divinities of the Tonga people. He shows no mercy should anything stand in his way, he has the life force of water and its exhilarating freshness. Just like the image of this god, Bézi diffuses a straightforward, intense, very powerful natural and pure aura.

    A man who recognises themself in Bézi forges ahead. He is a confident visionary, wielding courage to conquer fear. Like the river that inspires him, he can be a torrent or a cloud of fine water droplets, it depends. His desire guides the steps he takes.

    Bézi is the spirit of change, the spirit of the present moment.

    Family: Woody, Marine

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