Hagé – Scent of Africa – EDP – 50ml


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A leathery scent to free your instinct. Leather is found at the heart of Hagé, like a second skin leaving an irresistible, lasting trail.

Hagé is a creation of Scent of Africa – the first brand of luxury perfumes made locally in Ghana using African ingredients to shine a spotlight on Ghanaian ingenuity around the world.

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    Leather is found at the heart of this perfume, like a second skin leaving an irresistible, lasting trail. 

    The top has a cocktail of spices that invite touch – Armoise from Morocco, cloves and black pepper from Madagascar. The hunter hides in the bushes, ready to seize his prey, holding on to the trace of Egyptian geranium, Moroccan Atlas cedar and Haitian vetiver like a woody tattoo. 

    This fragrant camouflage is drawn out in a delectable contrast of vanilla from Comoros.

    The Fon People call the god of hunting and wild animals Agé. His spirit is that of a character with heightened senses, a guardian of wide-open spaces and the animals that live majestically.

    Hagé is encompassed like a superpower, a honed masculine instinct.

    The man who wears Hagé perfume never lets go of his prey: a goal or triumph. He uses unfailing intuition and highly mastered sensory and sensual talents to obtain all he wants. Anyone willingly succumbs to his charm. He is a man who lives in the present moment. A man who seizes the day without holding back and knows how to harness happiness to share it with those he loves.

    Hagé is worn like a sensory and sensual superpower.

    Family: Oriental, Leathery

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    Dimensions18 × 13 × 8 cm


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